Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Seasoned Believer Video

Mother Teresa-A Seasoned Believer Who Made a Difference

Some of you may have already noticed that I have put up a link to the "What If Video". Click the link and watch the video. Then write in and let us know what you think.

The video was designed by a team of us and the really hard work was done by Steve Helterbridle, a friend who retired from P&G several years ago to minister more freely.

It was our very first attempt to develop our own Multi Media project and I am very proud of the great job Steve did. It is one more example of what wonderful, creative things we can do if we just believe in ourselves.

The next time you are in a church, golfing group or a club with people like you, take a brief time to assess the wisdom, talents and experiences that could be unleashed into the world if someone took decided to gather them together and launch a new ministry of some kind. Examples:

Joe-30 years at GE, twenty years as an elder and teacher
Joan-Reared three kids, degree in Economics, teaches part time at UC, led task force on relocating the new city hall.
Jasper-35 years as an engineer, ten years in Egypt and five in Malaysia. Sits on Trustees.
Jill-Reared four children and two grand kids, Masters in City Planning, inherited lots of P&G stock and is passionate about helping the poor
John-Retired Ph. D. Psychologist who established a large practice and recently sold it

Almost weekly I hear from friends whose past ministries included some of the most creative ministries and programs imaginable. Now their most dynamic Christian involvement is sitting in a padded pew at Old First Reformed and Armed.

C'mon, friends, church is not for "attending" but acting! You and I are the church!

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