Thursday, January 31, 2008

Training Pastors and Leaders

Have you heard about the failure of churches in the Willow Creek Association to disciple or care for their most committed members? The research was carried out by the Willow Creek Association and contained in their book, REVEAL.

Bill Hybels, the marketing genius of Willow Creek, told the attendees of the failures during the annual Leadership Conference in August. It has caused a lot of blogging and discussion and even some back stepping by some of the Willow leaders.

I thought the research and the book was a courageous attempt to see what kind of results they were getting from all their hard work and talk about leadership. Well, it was pretty disappointing to them.

It seemd to show that members of the Willow Association Churches were dissatisfied at two key points.

1. After coming to Christ and enrolling in a church when they "hit a rough spot or two" and the churches failed to help them.

2. After staying deeply involved in the church as learners and doers for several years the churches failed to disciple them.

The result? 25% said they were ready to switch churches in the coming year.

HOPE for Cincinnati has support for struggling leaders. Pastors cannot do it alone. Help is on the way!

Hope for Cincinnati Training for Leaders 2008

Gary Sweeten and Ron Peake

We have a great lineup of fellowship and equipping coming in 2008 for men and women leaders who face so many ministry challenges. Of all the careers available to humanity the call of God to bring the good news in all its glory to those lost in present, future and eternal pain is the biggest challenge.

From Burn Out to Blazing Bright
How to Be Agents of Change While Retaining our Joy

For the last decade Ron and Gary have focused their main ministry efforts on the training and support of Pastors, Missionaries and Lay Leaders. We have traveled far and wide to Coach, Consult and Counsel godly men and women who have hit the wall, been burned to a crisp by overwork and a loss of first love with little motivation to go on.

In 2008 Hope for Cincinnati will focus on Prevention, Personal Growth and Peer Support for God’s Servants.

Prayer, Worship and Liberating Insights

February 21
May 15
August 21
November 20

Kenwood Baptist Church
Kenwood Road (South of Reagan)
8:30-10:30 Coffee & Mutual Care

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