Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ministry Time

I heard that the Atlantic Foundation gave over 100 million dollars in 2006 to develop programs that support Seasoned Citizens. At the same time churches are changing their focus from Seasoned Believers to Babes in Christ.

It is very important to reach young people and young families. Any church that fails to develop dynamic and effective ministries to the Millennials will soon die. Christianity is like the music business. It has to keep abreast of the most current musical styles because there are always new age groups with an interest in new things.

However, let us learn from the Music Business. They sell millions of recordings of "Golden Oldies" to Seasoned Citizens. Bill Gaither has become rich by focusing on the "Oldies But Goodies". It seems as though church leaders are tone deaf when it comes to serving customers from two or three different age groups. They serve the same "style" in every service regardless of the preference of the customer.

At Starbucks we can order coffee 721 different ways. At most churches we can't get coffee at all and if we do it is THEIR WAY.

The secular foundations are well aware of the Age Wave and are giving millions to help people prepare. Where are the Christians on this issue?

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paula clare said...

AMEN, Brother! Preach it! Where ARE the Christians on this issue? It seems to me the calling of a Seasoned Believer is to keep a hand on the pulse of the emerging Church, as well as a hand on the pulse of the established Church...which gives us a very privileged and distinctive advantage in that we can take the good from both (what works) and leave behind the bad (what doesn't). In the same way, lessons can be learned from the secular world...if only we will take the time to SEE what is all around us.

I am reminded of the song, "Open the eyes of my heart Lord..."

May it be so with all Seasoned Saints!