Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Interesting Ministry

Silver Heirs
I was excited to be with the Silver Heirs yesterday to speak about the booming growth of Seasoned Believers in society and the fact that many of them are abandoning the organized church. Silver Heirs, a group at the Evangelical Community Church, is dedicated to gathering Seasoned Believers together for fun, fellowship and mutual encouragement.

The group consists mostly of friends from College Hill Presbyterian Church where I was on the staff for sixteen years. I sure loved seeing them again and hearing the stories about what they are doing to bless people. This is one of the most gifted and compassionate people I ever knew and I am excited that they are still so actively ministering. This is one of the few ministries to Seasoned Believers in this region. Keep up the good work.
There are some 870,000 Seasoned Citizens in the Greater Cincinnati area. It is estimated that 2/3 of them are unchurched and many are what we are calling, "Church Alumni". They have been active church members in the past but have dropped out after graduating to things more interesting.

But most of these Alumni are looking for a dynamic church that will take their contributions seriously by engaging them in active ministries. These folks want to influence the culture and change society but few churches have any place for this group of people to serve.

In order to penetrate society and bring faith to people we have to get out of our padded pews and engage the culture, including the 870,000 Seasoned believers who are just waiting for someone to invite them to get involved.