Monday, April 21, 2008

What Do Seasoned Believers Want?

After our Seasoned Believer Gathering last October we sent out a survey asking attendees what kinds of things would help them as Christians. The following answers are not scientific but they do give us a snapshot of the felt needs of our people.

Zoomerang Survey
1. 26% We are "at the wall and looking for new ways to grow in Christ."
2. 41% "I want to help others who are at the wall."
3. 33% "I have moved beyond the wall and am looking for a new personal ministry."
Topics of key interest - % reporting 'Very Interested + Extremely Interested'
1. 95% - Learning to hear God
2. 90% - Christian coaching and mentoring
3. 90% - Learning to rest in God's love and grace
4. 70% - Learning to 'just be' in Christ, and not always 'doing' for Christ
5. 70% - Learning new ways to be a better influence
6. 68% - Breaking free from your 'leashes'
7. 63% - Health and Wellness
8. 60% - Christian leadership
9. 58% - Improving my own and others marriages and family life
10. 55% - Developing better relationships with my family
11. 53% - Helping my church become healthy and grow
12. 50% - How do I connect with other folks in a common purpose and ministry
13. 50% - Discovering where I am in my spiritual, emotional, and relational growth
14. 45% - Preventing burnout
15. 43% - Getting my financial house in order
16. 40% - Negotiation skills
17. 37% - Christian collaboration skills
18. 25% - Finding a place of worship
19. 20% - Hospitality and hosting
20. 10% - Developing a ministry in my workplace

As you can see, a very high percentage of the respondents want to learn better how to "Grow in Christ". This is a great opportunity for Christian leaders. The three top issues are 1. Learning to hear God's voice; 2. How to be a Christian Coach; and 3. Learning to rest in Christ's love.

In March we acted upon this information and had a half day workshop on "Hearing God in Prayer". About fifty people came and we will repeat it this year.

I have been considering the need to do some Coach Training. Let me know if you are interested.

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