Friday, May 9, 2008

Retire? Not Me!

Garrison Keeler, despite being a Left Wing Nut, is a pretty good writer with terrific insights and wisdom. I get a pod cast of his "Prairie Home Companion" radio broadcast each week and I enjoy his funny, acerbic and homey sketches.

I also get a weekly newsletter from Garrison and his team of intrepid organizers. A Prairie Home Companion Garrison had a neat article in today's newsletter about why retiring doesn't sound too good to him.

In my parents' home we sat down to our Cheerios and toast and ate it and conversed in small declarative sentence fragments and jumped up and out the door, and I still do, and that's why I don't intend to retire: What do you do after breakfast? Do you have to hang out for hours with other geezers and geezerettes and reminisce about the days when it was fun to fly from place to place — remember? When you walked through the airport and out the door onto the tarmac and up the stairs to the plane, just like Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca"? I don't care to.

What do retired people do after breakfast other than reminisce about old movies and watch more at Turner Classics? Actually retiring to do nothing but sit and whittle is passe anyhow. Our generations have far too many talents, gifts and wise experiences to stop living.

So, find something important to do and do it. Dry rot sets in if we sit and rot with no physical, mental or spiritual challenges. Our generations have changed the world and it is too much fun to stop now. (Why not write your life's story?)

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