Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Win a Book or Two

I have written several books and done numerous workshops on topics that emphasize developing A lifetime of---GREAT RELATIONSHIPS
Now it is your turn to nominate some person or church or school that is developing great relationships with God, neighbors and self.
Steve Sjogren, for example, developed one of the most original and creative ways to evangelize unchurched folks and it is also a cool but simple way to build GREAT RELATIONSHIPS. Steve calls it, Servant Evangelism and it has taken hold all over the world. (See the blog link)

Who else is innovative and simple in the ways they are training folks to love and care for one another? I am teaching tomorrow night at the Vineyard on building great relationships as parents and grand parents.

The person who offers the best suggestion or makes the best nomination as judged by me, after all I am the king of this blog, will get to choose two of my books as prizes.

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