Friday, January 1, 2010

Services to Seniors

I ate this morning at Chick-fi-a. Their chicken sandwich cannot be beat. I love it. And, it is a company run by Christians with solid Christian values and support of Christian ministries.

I noted that every Monday they will host, "Senior Nights" with special prices and events just for people my age. (I wonder if they will "card" me. I have not been carded for a long time.)

I certainly appreciate the desire of Chick-fil-a and other companies to do some special things for the oldsters. We can use it. However!!! These kinds of activities mirror the churches that sponsor "Hand Holding Activities" for their Seniors. Most of us want places to serve others and to use our time, talents and gifts for God. We are educated in the Bible and know for sure that the following passages of scripture are real and true.

"It is better to give than receive."

"Give and it shall be given unto you; pressed down, shaken together and placed into your lap."

The person who buries his/her talents will lose what they have but those who "invest" their talents will receive many more.

I am greedy! I want to use my talents so I get more. This is why I call this blog, "SEASONED BELIEVERS not Senior Believers". We are seasoned and some of us are marinated and ready to serve. Just give us a chance.

We have time, lots of time.

We have money.

We have experience at work and at church.

We have wisdom.

We have desire to minister.

All we need is an opportunity.


Philip Gilbert said...

Chickens have rights too. The god of chickens will see you to hell.

Gary Sweeten said...

Does the chicken god believe in hell? If so, would he/she/it send one there?