Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adult Class on Sunday

I had a great time today with the adult class at New Life Christian Church this morning. Rarely have I discussed the issues of how to disciple and release Seasoned Saints with a more appreciative and knowledgeable group.

I opened my discussion with a question. If you were given a $1,000,000 gift to set up the best and most effective school in the world, what would you want to know about your students? The answers were insightful, indicating a lot of wisdom about how to go about the needs of a student before we developed the curriculum, processes or build a building.

What would you want if we opened a "School for you and your friends?"

Write and let us know.

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paula clare said...

I would LOVE classes discussing spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, and how to incorporate those into today's culture. Obviously there is a great deal of seeking going on, but with that "seeking" is a "no absolutes, everything's relative" kind of mindset. I've read that we've moved from a postmodern culture to a post Christian culture...if this is true, how do we get our collective "foot in the door?"