Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Pig in the Python

Ever since the vets came home from WWII nations around the world have been faced with a Baby Boom. Starting in 1946 the economic boom and lonely couples produced babies at a startling rate. That exceedingly high rate of births stopped in 1964 but by then there were some 78 million new kids on the blocks of America.

Demographers have watched that huge bulge of babies-often called "The Pig in the Python-as they grew up, went to school, dated, danced to rock and roll and got married themselves after busting the walls out of every school in the nation.

Marketers and advertisers have followed them closely developing new products and new ways to grab their attention. The Baby Boomers have brought dramatic changes into every area of life since 1946 and her we are 61 years later still trying to figure out what we can do to meet their needs once more.

The book by Dr. Mary Furlong, Turning Silver Into Gold, is a stunning overview of the needs, desires, wants and willingness of Builders and Boomers and how to design ways to meet their needs. According to her, spirituality is one of the most important areas of need among the B&B crowd. The largest demographic cohort in history has a strong need to have "peak experiences".

However, it is the businesses and marketers of America not the churches that are working hard to meet those spiritual needs. Most of what I read from Christian thinkers is focused on younger people not the B&B groups. In fact, some are saying that the best thing we can do is to sit down, shut up and worry about our incontinence products instead of what God has for us at this stage of the game.

Despite the fact that scripture clearly lays out leadership by "Elders" the modern focus in books and magazines is on youth. It is obviously important to reach out and witness to young people and young families. They are the future. However, the wealth, wisdom and winning ways of Seasoned Believers need to be unleashed so the next generations can continue to build on our foundation.

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