Saturday, October 6, 2007

Our Movement is Gathering Steam

Next Saturday over 50 of us are coming together to see what God is doing in our time to Unleash Seasoned Believers to Love, enjoy and serve God. I cannot wait to hear the insights, ideas and creative solutions people have for us mature Christians to live abundantly for this era of our lives.

I went to Kroger last week to get my flu shot. While I waited my eyes fell on a magazine dedicated to helping Seniors get along better in Greater Cincinnati. It is entitled "Older Adults...the resource guide." Sub titled, "The Resource Guide for Mature Adults and their Families."

The front shows active, laughing gray haired adults playing with their grand kids and having a ball with a spouse. So far, so good, but then I opened to the first few pages. The first two advertisements were for "Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Long Term Care Centers," then it got worse for there were two full pages of ads for Tranquility incontinence products.

Now, there is nothing wrong with medical ads for us mature adults. However, there is almost nothing for active, self directed matures adults. This kind of over emphasis on sickness, dying and medical emergencies is why I am starting a new approach to Seasoned Citizens.

(A funny thought just occurred to me. For most of my adult life the only people who focused on marketing to me were sleaze pornography makers who called their products "Adult Reading and Viewing". Now, the only people doing anything to get my attention are folks selling hearing aids, incontinence products and nursing care. Maybe we can call the transition "From porn to scorn".)

You can support us by donating to the not-for profit 501 c 3 ministry, Sweeten Life Systems and write your check or send your stock as you pray for the ministry. We are getting rave reviews for the concept and approach. Stay in touch.

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