Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seeker Churches and Seasoned Believers

The last slide I have taken from the Reveal blog shows the data they discovered about their most dedicated and long term members. In what must have been a terrible blow to Bill Hybels, the data shows that their most committed people are also the most dissatisfied. In fact, they are so wrought up they want to leave the church soon.
Many of the members of this group are ready to bolt. That is what the huge drop at the end of the chart means. Such a realization would have to shake the foundations for any of us in ministry and, according to the Willow Web, it shook them to the core.
None of these slides is truly understandable if all you do is look at them on my blog. I urge you to buy the book, Reveal, and prayerfully read it with a new appreciation for what Willow Creek has done for us all. They, and the other churches in the survey, are certainly not alone in having worked hard to produce satisfied disciples only to discover otherwise. Go to their blog and read.
The next step is the crucial one. What are we to do about it? What types of processes, programs, materials, gatherings will actually transform Christians into fully functioning, mature Disciples?

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