Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Book for the New Millennium

Yes, another book.

It is WIKINOMICS, by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.

Anyone interested in having influence in the New Millennium needs to read it. It sub title says it all: "How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything".

Are you a business leader? You need it to read. Are you a Para-Church Leader? You need it to read. Are you an elder? You need it to read. Are you a Grand Parent? You need it to read. Are you a Parent? You need it to read.

We live in the midst of the Fourth Great Awakening as predicted by Nobel Prize winning Economist Robert Fogel. Fogel saw the revival of the Sixties as culminating in the Awakening in the New Millennium. Believers need to get on board now and ride God's waves of Renewal, Restoration and Reformation.

Just as Gutenberg revolutionized business, education, the Bible and thus the church and the world, the world wide web will revolutionize all institutions. Some Pastors are still trying to build a church designed to fit the 16Th Century and here we are in the 21st Century. It is frustrating to see such ideas in our churches.

Some old fashioned leaders are very afraid of anything unusual or different. Like dinosaurs who died because they could not adapt the current church movements are breathing their last unless the leaders wake up and smell the caffeine. Historically Christians led the scientific revolution, the American Revolution and the freedom from slavery revolution. Now is the time for a new revolution of communication, outreach and Christian impact.

The book Wikinomics is startling in its insights about what is happening in the world of business, industry, research science and world trade.

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