Monday, November 5, 2007

Seasoned Believer Poster Children

I am always looking for "Poster Children" who exemplify Seasoned Believers who came to faith a couple of decades ago and have been serving God with faithfulness, verve and fire ever since. They are getting better with age even when the bones ache and eyes require trifocals.

Jim and Mary Buchan are natives of Ohio from the Columbus area. Jim followed his father into the legal profession for several years but it did not seem to fit after he met Christ. Mary became a nurse and her compassion led her into an interest in healing the whole person. It was not long before they followed the Heavenly Father into Pastoral Care and Teaching. (Mary's photo is on the right.)

But here is the interesting part. Jim and Mary are both very creative in the arts. Mary is a gifted musician and song writer who plays the guitar and sings her own creations and others in a soft and caring way. Jim is a very good writer and editor whose insights into publishing have led him to produce books, magazines and articles for several Christian publishers.

Now Mary has put out a web page to publicize her ministry of holistic care, counsel and consultation through combining the word, worship and wisdom from medicine and nutrition. I logged in and listened to her presentation on YouTube and I was impressed.

She is an of a Believer that has gained and depth of God's call through work, rearing a family and seeking God. Mary glorifies God and brings her talents, gifts and wisdom together in a holistic manner. Mary's website for her music ministry:

Jim has helped many famous and not so famous people write and publish their insights. You can contact him at

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