Thursday, November 22, 2007

Very Interesting

Who is Our Congregation?

Way back in the Golden Years of Television Rowan and Martin had some very funny skits. One reoccurring character was a small guy dressed in a WWII German Army outfit. He had a cigarette down in his fingers and a quizzical lost look. He uttered the same phrase in every show. "Verrrrry interesting!"

It is very interesting to see our leaders fail to encourage Seasoned Believers to participate in their church

I must admit that I knew our world in general and the USA specifically were riding an Age Wave Tsunami. I vaguely understood that it would affect ever person on the planet. I had heard that it would make our current economic and political practices untenable. The Tsunami has two aspects that make its impact huge and unavoidable. The height of each aspect of the tsunami makes the wave such a giant that it will probably have disastrous effects unless we do better political and economic planning.

One aspect is the huge number of Baby Boomers in the system and aging fast. The second is the dramatic increase in longevity of Builders and Boomers fueling our population like a tsunami.

(See a fellow Seasoned Believer's blog for the numbers in the Age Wave Tsunami at

To my knowledge, no one running for the Presidency this year is mentioning the Age Wave Tsunami. In fact, many are acting like it does not exist. They indicate that the government will be able to pay for current Medicare and Medicaid costs AND also add huge chunks not now covered. It is the height of irrational exuberance indicating an almost psychotic avoidance of reality.

But I have no political clout nor do I want any. However, as a leader in the Evangelical wing of the church for thirty years or so I think I have something to say about the need for Christians to be aware of the opportunities and the dangers of The Age Wave Tsunami.

Let me say it this way: "Most current Christian thinkers on evangelism, church growth, church planting, church music, ministry to the poor and needy and fund raising are out of touch with reality. They act like the candidates for political office. With a few exceptions, chat rooms, Christian blogs and magazine articles almost completely ignore the strengths and weaknesses of The Age Wave Tsunami." (Click on video link,

Almost everyone is focusing on young people. They fail to see this most promising reservoir of Seasoned Believers' mental, emotional and spiritual resources. They fail to recognize that Christianity will be severely crippled unless denominations and congregations take bold action to recruit, equip and release Seasoned Believers into meaningful ministries.

Join the conversation. Write me after you look at our video and read Ron Tate's informative blog

Unless you want the current leaders to retire you as a geezer, get involved.

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