Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Seasoned Believer

I first met Donna Thomas ten years ago when she was going through a rough patch in her life in her life. She and her husband Chuck had founded several mission organizations but recently faced blockages and issues, including a very bad medical prognosis, that caused her to question whether she should just retire and let the young people do it all.

It seemed to me that Donna had a lot of wisdom to share with the world and I asked if she had ever thought about writing her experiences to inspire others. Before long she had written a book and later penned more, all of which were well received and popular among folks interested in evangelism and missions.

Today I received a not from her with a great example of how God uses her, a Seasoned Saint, to touch people from around the world. First, she really loves folks from other lands. Second, she is bold. Third, she is creative. Fourth, she does not give up. Fifth, she is available to God. Here is her note.

Dear Gary,

Well I just had an unusual experience. I went to see Mukta (Mary) my Indian friend that went forward for prayer last Sunday. Previously I had given her a Bible in Marathi, her language but I didn’t think she was reading it. So I called and went over to ask her to read the book of John. Have you ever tried to find the book of John in a language you cannot read? The letters aren’t the same. The numbers aren’t the same. I was lost. How could I find John? How could I even find the New Testament?

I turned to the book of Revelations. Yes, that I could find. Now if I simply go backward through the New Testament until we get to John, maybe that would work. There was Jude, 3 John, 2 John, 1 John, 2 Peter…..it was a good thing I had my Bible with me because it is harder to go backward.

We moved on cautiously finding Galatians, II Corinthians, I Corinthians, Romans, then Acts and behold…there is John. Now to find the first chapter. I can’t read one word of this nor the numbers. Everything is totally different.

Ahh, John chapter one. I asked her to read it and write down questions to bring to me. I’ll try to have the answers for her. She was most agreeable.

This is certainly one step at a time, but praise the Lord, these are steps in the right direction. Oh yes, since she is now a Christian, I changed her name from Mukta (the name of a Hindu God) to Mary. I never dreamed in a million years I would be doing this. It seems the Lord has his plans and we are supposed to be obedient. Your prayers for Mary will help and bless her.


Donna S. Thomas

3560 Towne Drive

Carmel, IN 46032



Donna is an anointed speaker so invite her to tell your church or group all about how God can use ordinary people to touch others, even after they hit a wall of adversity. (By the way, her medical prognosis was also turned upside down by the Lord and she seems healthier now than she was ten years ago.)

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