Saturday, December 1, 2007

Live Long and Prosper

Dr. Spock, the Klingon not the Pediatrician, became famous for saying it to Captain Kirk on Star Trek. I saw an interview on television one time with Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock, and he was asked where the famous line "Live long and prosper" came from. "He replied, "I am Jewish and it comes from the Ten Commandments to "Honor your father and mother that you may live long and prosper."

The promises of God are powerful and true. On this blog we are very concerned about getting the word out about living a long and prosperous life. There are many medical reasons why folks are living longer and I am happy to take advantage of those good gifts from the Lord.

I have a stint in my chest and I take several medicines each day to keep healthy. I try to eat well and exercise and I quit smoking 40 years ago when Julie was born. I also try to stay deeply connected with family and friends because both science and scripture tell me that healthy relationships are central to a long and prosperous life. After learning about tracing my family history and the importance of honoring my fathers and mothers of the former generations I began to thank God for my heritage and blessings.

Bu that is not all. The Bible also tells us how to "Live long and prosper". And, there is a great deal of research now on the many benefits of prayer, worship, church attendance and Christian fellowship. These are testimonies to the blessings of knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and healer. All in all, I am very, very thankful that God has given us so many wonderful ways to insure a long and prosperous life.

Just think, we get to have romance and it is good for us.

We get to enjoy deep prayer and worship and they are good for us.

We get to have fun relationships with our family and friends and it is good for us.
We have prayer to guide us, heal us and bring us into the love of God.

We get to live longer with physical, spiritual, emotional and financial prosperity because God chose us to be His own. Now that is good news.

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