Friday, November 30, 2007

Enter the Seventies and Sixties

Ugly Seventies' Clothing

The Baby Boom began to hit American institutions in the Fifties and the offspring of the returning GI's changed everything they touched along the way. The Boomers were everywhere with their wild hair and wild ways and wilder clothing.

But, God was not asleep at the wheel, He had a plan to bring revival to those young people and a few decades later bring the Fourth Great Awakening. Revivals sprang up allover the US and a little later Europe. Christian colleges were special targets and Asbury College in Kentucky was one of the first schools to experience an extended revival that lasted for days but its influence lasted for years.

There were various streams of revival. Some were charismatic, some were evangelical and some were in mainline churches. Much of the fervor and ferment occurred among young people so it became known as The Jesus Movement and the members as The Jesus People.

Has there been a lasting difference since the Sixties and Seventies? If so what? Over the next week or so I will share what I believe are the top ten positive results of the Jesus Movement. But first, I will tell you the top ten myths that dominated church life before the JM broke out.

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