Monday, December 10, 2007

Change is Not Strange

So, here we are in the New Millennium, living among the massive changes that have come about over the past forty years. The current variety of worship styles, musical preferences and the diversity of worshipers is vastly different from what they were not long ago.

The changes among Protestant Churches has been mirrored or even more pronounced among Roman Catholics who spoke Latin in their services until John XXIII's Second Vatican Council of 1962-65.

The Pope prayed that the Holy Spirit would revitalize the Roman Church and in 68 the Charismatic Renewal hit the Church with a of enthusiasm and lay involvement. The result was almost as dramatic as the First Reformation by Luther and Calvin.

We are used to hearing about the many "Mega-Churches" among Evangelicals. The growth of large churches with TV shows, publishing firms, international missions and famous leaders has certainly happened. However, before the Jesus Movement, mega churches were largely in Mainline Denominations. Riverside Church in New York and The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. are examples of the old order that is being overthrown much to the dismay of those formerly in power.

Even mainline churches have seen enormous changes in music, style, lay involvement, diversity and community activism. This came about through human networks of friends and fellow travelers rather than organizations that stressed intentional ecumenical cooperation.

My boss for many years at College Hill Church was Jerry Kirk, a dynamic preacher and spiritually anointed leader. His favorite song was, "Lift Your Vision High" and it was prophetic.

Lift your vision high We're in a way we've never been before Lift your vision high, higher And you will see the glory of the Lord

That is certainly true today for God is doing a new thing but it is an old process of renewal, revival and reformation.

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