Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Are the Seasoned Citizens?

A couple of posts ago I listed the names and numbers of the various population groups. For the most part, Seasoned Citizens are in the five oldest groups.

WWI Generation has 430,000 people
WWII-GI Gener has 17,000,000
Pioneer Gen has 34,000,000
Boomer Gen has 73,000,000

Total People in all generational cohorts 125,000,000 people

These folks are not all the same, but many have similar characteristics. They have experienced many things in life and have learned great lessons. It seems to me that we need to learn from them individually and corporately.

Second, it is a group that are quite open to hearing and responding to the good news of Jesus Christ. Why would we not develop innovative ways to witness to them and care for them.

Third, This group has enormous wealth and resources that can be used to help others around the world.

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