Monday, December 17, 2007

Now is the Time

Two Baby Boomers Trying to Serve

I made many bad decisions in my youth but one of the best decisions I made was to take a class in typing. Typing was not a popular class among boys. Everybody knows that it is a job for secretaries and all secretaries are girls.

I really do not remember why I decided to take typing. Maybe it was because Clinton Noren did and I admired him. Clinton was smart and he seemed to be ahead of the rest of us in making good decisions. Well, anyway, I did take a typing class.
The typing teacher had us type one phrase over and over. Do any of you remember what it was? As best that I recall, it went like this: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. (Or was it "...aid of their country"?)

Well, "Now is the time for all good believers to come to the aid of their kingdom." God has brought you to Himself and prepared you for this time in life. You are healthy, wealthy and wise, just as old Ben Franklin suggested. So what is holding you back?
I am showing photos of President Bush and Senator Clinton, two Believers who have taken their call so seriously they are serving in the highest offices of the land. If many of my friends have their way, Senator Clinton will be the first female President. I strongly affirm Christian politicians of all persuasions to get involved in public service. Hooray for them.

Maybe you are already performing at the full abilities of your combined talents, wisdom, knowledge and gifts. That must keep you very fulfilled. The only way to be "In the Zone" of perfection is to be actively involved in things that stretch you emotionally, spiritually and in using your talent/gift mix fully.

Number 10 of the top ten changes is, Ready for an Awakening. When millions of Seasoned Believers are empowered and unleashed to be fully alive and fully engaged in service, the Fourth Great Awakening will be upon us. Are you ready? I am.

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