Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boredom and Love: Are they Compatible?

In Ron Tate's latest blog, the Boomer Blogger, he writes tellingly about why people leave or drop out of church. He read a book about "Exit Interviews" and quotes why so many people are fed up with their churches.

Is it too much love? Too much respect? Too much support and caring? Too much action and excitement?

Read Ron's stuff. You may be surprised.


paula clare said...

Hi Gary,
WOW! Great stuff! Ron's blog is wonderful...AND very timely! I believe the whole "church is irrelevant" thing is not only a boomer phenomenon but a postmodern Gen X and Gen Y issue as well. My son (a Gen Xer)finds great spiritual fodder in a magazine called "Relevant". You can read about it online at

Awesome and timely stuff...I really like it, music, writers, etc. There's a great article called, "When Faith Gets Boring." Really good..Relevant is a publisher of some terrific books too, one of which is "Wrestling With God". Great spiritual journey reading.

Gary Sweeten said...

Paula, it is time to get relevant. I spoke today with a man of 76 years who left the church of his early faith because they trained 700 people to be lay ministers but were afraid to let them minister. The staff just could not turn loose. He is now involved in a church that he dislikes its theology but they freely allow lay folk to get involved.