Friday, January 4, 2008

Effective Groups-Stop Global Time Wasting

We humans spend an awful lot of time in groups. Sometimes it is called a committee, sometimes a task force, sometimes a leadership team and sometimes a Bible or book study. All of these are groups and all groups have a tendency to wobble off the tracks and become dysfunctional.

A few years ago some consulting group or another estimated that the time lost in inefficient and ineffective groups costs businesses and industries many billions of dollars. Their suggested answer was, "Train people how to organize and run effective groups."

I have been very fortunate that some of the best mentors and coaches in the world taught me how to effectively lead groups. Not that I always accomplish my goals because I may get lazy or rushed, but I have been well trained.
Ken Shull, an Elder at College Hill Church, was on key my mentor/coach on how to keep groups on track. He was low key, gentle but very effective and I was amazed at how much he could accomplish in half the time that we usually spent wrestling over inane and useless ideas in other groups.

The most important things in life are time and people. Wasting time and people in bad meetings is a terrible waste to churches, businesses and community groups. Especially when people could learn in a few hours how to stop Global Time Wasting!

I wish Al Gore would do a movie about it.

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