Friday, January 11, 2008

Storm Warnings

I have been talking about the ominous and potentially dangerous tidal wave of aging people for some time. It is an "Age Wave" that is more threatening to us than Al Qada or Iran. It might destroy the USA.

Despite that fact, only one Republican candidate, Ron Paul, even mentioned it last night in the debate. The Democrats are even worse if that is possible. They mention seniors but recommend worse solutions than passive acceptance. They want to throw more money away and a lack of money is the crisis.

Despite the implication for every church and Christian organization in the Western Democracies almost no Christian leader is addressing it. Talk about an ostrich mentality!

The church's answer is to drive hard to recruit more kids and abandon ministries that appeal to Seasoned Believers.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a headlined story about the crisis in the paper today. In the article is a web link to The OHIO PUBLIC EXPENDITURE COUNCIL that put out the report mentioned by the paper. Read the report at:

Here are a few facts:

1. Today, Ohio experiences a daily net increase of 14 people age 65 or older.

2. By 2012, that number grows to 119 per day.
3. A half-million more Ohioans will leave the work force than enter it between 2011 and 2020!

4. OPEC President Rick Yocum called it a disaster for state and local budgets, with no obvious solution. "You're never going to be able to pass a school levy," Yocum said. He called the numbers "ominous."

More on this later.

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