Monday, February 25, 2008

Faith, Hope and Love

These three remain, Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest is Love. I CO 13

Is there any doubt that Senator Barack Obama is one of the most exciting candidates for office that we have ever seen? He is in my mind and I have seen and heard a lot of candidates.

It is hard for people to understand why he is so inspiring but I think it is clear. He speaks and people have hope. The winner of the election will be the person who inspires not only hope but is also able to connect with the electorate to promote faith and love. Mr. Obama has the hope but can he deliver on faith and love?

St. James said that faith without works is dead. Hope without action is also dead. However, Obama may be able to communicate all of these spiritual intangibles. We desperately need to experience faith, hope and love. The USA needs them and our world needs them. Especially we in the West need all three of St. Paul's trinitarian liturgy of faith, hope and love.

Why do we, the G 8 nations, who are so rich and so extremely successful, need to be inspired with spiritual values? Because we are so incredibly wealthy in material goods we no longer need to work long hours to get more than enough.
Wealth can lead people to a loss of appreciation for what we have.

Wealthy folk tend to develop an "Entitlement Mentality" that sees what we have been blessed with as something we deserve. Just think how many people now speak of things we once only hoped and prayed to achieve as though they were our right to automatically possess.

Perhaps the most powerful book on this topic is The Fourth Great Awakening by the Nobel Prize winning Economist Robert William Fogel. His analysis of the issues and problems we face is unique and incisive. He says we need to share our spiritual values and beliefs with others and especially the poor. And who is best able to do that? The Seasoned Citizens who have excess time, knowledge, wisdom, experience and finances.

Sweeten Life Systems is dedicated to unleashing and mobilizing Seasoned Believers so they can mentor others with spiritual, emotional, relational and family values.
You can support these efforts with prayer, finances and servant hood. Get involved. You have a lot to give.
Gary Sweeten

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