Friday, February 29, 2008

Types of Prayer

Seeking Prayer-Soaking Prayer

Dr. Francis McNutt has been a wonderful teacher and mentor for the body of Christ for some 30 years. He was the first person to teach us about the concept of soaking prayer. I have benefited from that process ever since. Dr. Maurie Loomans voiced a provocative thought about soaking prayer on January 7, 1997. Maurie said,

"Whereas Soaking Prayer calls us to focus our Calls for God's healing and delivering power to be released on a particular person or for a particular need, Seeking Prayer emphasizes the desire to only Seek God's will and presence. After He shows up we will hear and follow His voice about what to pray about and what other actions to pursue. Dr. McNutt is also a master at Seeking God's direction and teaching on Seeking Prayers.

There is a big difference between having our agenda set in a cognitive fashion and an agenda that comes from the Holy Spirit. Both can be legitimate and both can result in a dynamic prayer life. However, it seems to me that the "Spirit led times" are more effective and efficient. It also follows that those praying are more likely to follow up and act accordingly when they hear God's voice and not just the call of a human to act.

As St Paul said, "I will pray with my spirit and I will pray with my mind also. I shall sing with my spirit and sing with my mind also." ICO 14:15

When do you find yourself most open to the touch of God?

Gary Sweeten
A lifetime of great relationships with God, self and others. (SM)

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