Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God Has A Plan

Many years ago the Lord indicated that we needed to get ourselves ready to travel and minister overseas. We were very excited and wondered where we would be going. We never doubted that the word was genuine so we began to make plans to be ready when called.
During our second LIFE Seminar, a couple of wonderful ladies came from South Africa to learn. That was quite a shock for us. As we talked, they shared a great deal about church life and the racial crisis. SA certainly needed to learn about healing and peace. It seemed obvious that God was going to send me to the tip of Africa to train Believers in prayer, healing and forgiveness. But I was wrong in my assumptions.

A couple of years later a group of us met for prayer at an international conference board meeting. The Lord spoke to us about His plan for pouring out His Spirit in a New Reformation around the world. We believed that our group was supposed to take a major role in renewing Reformed Churches.

Our President mentioned that there was a big international conference in Kenya that he was invited to attend. “Say,” he said, “I think we need to send Gary.” This was confirmation that international travel was in the offering and Africa was looming large.

I attended that conference and it changed my life. I was launched into an world wide ministry of teaching and training.Many organizations in several nations have taken our materials to establish training centers. However, I still have not been to South Africa.

During the conference I met Jens-Petter Jorgensen, head of OASE, the renewal group of Norway! God sent me to Africa to meet a Norwegian Lutheran! We have been ministering there ever since and it helps keep me from jumping to so many conclusions.

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