Monday, April 14, 2008

Muslim and Mormon Evangelism

Why am I discussing Evangelism and foreign missions on this blog dedicated to Seasoned (Mature) Believers? Well, mature Christians are thought to be the folks most interested in reaching out to non-believers, and, some of the largest unhitched groups in America are immigrants and a home grown cult.

Mormons: 6 million
Jews: 5.75 million
Buddhists: 5.5 million
Muslims: 2.5 million
Hindus: 1.5 million
These very small groups are growing quickly and that fact disturbs many of us because it gets a lot of press. But I am not upset because I see God at work.
Their percentage growth is great because it begins from a tiny base and any increase looks like a lot. For example, if a group has 100 people and adds another 100 it has a 100% growth rate. But, if a group has 1,000 members and grows by 500 the growth rate is much less.
Some 80% of the American population claims to believe in Christ. This could mean as many as 200 million adults are Believers while all the groups listed above amount to only 20 about million people. And, each of these persons is a focus of our prayer and evangelism.
Now for some great news!

You might be surprised to learn that the largest unchurched group in America is not Muslim, Mormon or even Mexicans but Seasoned Citizens from a Christian background. Many of these are "Church Alumni" who came to faith and followed Christ for many decades but dropped out of the formal church.

Just think, this is evangelism made easy. We can more easily talk with people we have known or lived next to for years.

Come to our workshop on April 26 and learn how to reach out to the disaffected alumnus and those absent from church since youth. Go to my new web page that is under construction and register.

Gary Sweeten
Sweeten Life Systems

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