Thursday, April 3, 2008

Political Giving

Senator Obama received 40 million dollars last month from over a million Internet donors to keep his campaign going. Mrs. Clinton received about 20 million.

WOW!! Why is so much money going to politicians?

Maybe people are expecting the Messiah to come as President of the USA. Maybe donors just enjoy shelling out millions to support TV, radio and Newspaper ads. Maybe they just want to have their person in the White House.

Let's face it. Effective ministries rarely receive much from the Internet.
World Vision, a wonderful ministry to folks in crisis around the world, has a budget of about 4 Billion Dollars. (It is Billion not Million.) Christians are generous, especially Conservative Christians. God is moving and it takes finances to operate a mission and ministry. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Sweeten Life Systems is a 501c3 faith based charity and God is blessing us with numerous opportunities to impact leaders and their organizations. We are engaged in directly training missionaries, pastors and laity how to relate with health and love. We also help pastors and leaders who are stressed and looking for someone who they can speak to in confidence and safety. This is how evangelism and healing proceed effectively.

We all know that dysfunctional churches and dysfunctional leaders do harm to the gospel. In the past few years we have read how deeply the good news has been compromised by broken, compulsive and sinful leaders. We cannot tell you about the many times we have counseled leaders and their organizations when they are in crisis. Their stories are confidential.

Without confidential and skilled assistance many will end up in the evening news confessing their compulsive "mistakes". Others will be in the divorce courts facing the glare of a wounded spouse. I wish I could tell you the several hundred stories of triumph and victory but it is not possible. Pray for us.

We can say, however, that many fragile, depressed, anxious and tempted men and women came to us when there was no where else to go. We offer them highly skilled care and counsel regardless of their ability to pay. Your pastors and leaders are lonely, frustrated and poorly supported. They desperately need your compassion.

The Sweeten Life Systems' team is well known for providing a safe place to get healed, refreshed and re fired. We are being compassionate for you.

Sweeten Life Systems
P.O. Box 498455
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

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