Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kurt Warner World Impact

Kurt Warner just announced his retirement from professional football. He did not, however, retire from life. he is 38 years old and has a lot of years to live for the Lord. But, we might ask, other than a famous name and seven kids, what does Kurt Warner have to offer to the Lord's work?

Kurt, to my knowledge, has not been to seminary or Bible school and he is not a great orator or a skilled teacher, the talents we usually look for in Christian Ministers. Many clergy would look at Kurt and ask what one asked me: "How can you call yourself a minister when you never even went to seminary?"

Yes, this man of the cloth tried to insult me by saying I was not prepared to be useful to the Lord's work because I had not attended graduate school in theology. I was not offended much. Just a little bit. I did not reply that I had a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's in Higher Education both critically important to Christian Discipleship, the key to church growth and health. Nor did I let him know that I had a Doctorate in Counseling which is critical to Pastoral Care. Nor did I add that I had served Jesus for thirty years in a variety of ways.

I simply responded that I was similar to a guy named John Calvin, the guy who my clergy friend most admired. He was offended and said, "But he was different." I replied, "And so were Peter, James and John, I suppose." Everyone I mentioned plus millions of other men and women had significant Christian influence as what we now call "Laity" and entered their "ministry stage" after years of what is considered "secular" work or did "Christian work" in "secular" areas.

Kurt Warner's career life has been experienced mostly in "secular" fields but that enhances his credibility with the public whose identification is with non-theological people like themselves. Even Kurt's sports' life, as unique as it is, is closer to the common sports player or sports fan than a clergy person.

Perhaps the greatest thing a man like Kurt Warner has to offer to Christ is his genuineness, care and concern. He and his wife Brenda and their seven kids are genuinely nice, compassionate Christian people. It is exciting to see another Seasoned Believer use his talents, gifts and experiences to touch the world in the name of Christ.

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