Friday, January 15, 2010

The Most Talented and Gifted People

It is usually stated that the hope of a nation's future is found in its youth. That is true on its face because older people will be outlived by the young ones. However, it is not true if those who are coming up lack the education, skills, wisdom and insight to lead the nation into a better future than we had in the past.

One of the motivating factors of past generations was hope that one's children would be better off than the current adult generation. That may no longer be true for financial growth. The Builder and Baby Boomer Generations have done remarkably well financially. However, in some areas the world we leave our offspring may not be in better shape than we found it.

In the areas of morals, spirituality and family values we seem to have fallen behind other generations and are leaving our kids a mess. But God is still in heaven and He has not decided to send another flood to wipe us out. I believe that instead He will send revival after revival and awakening after awakening to keep the number of sold out Christians in the world increasing.

There are easily some 100 million Seasoned Citizens in America. Just think 100 million people with years of experience and insights. It is the best educated and richest group in history. This is a group that desperately needs something to do. When will church leaders stop trying to build their ministries on a bunch of kids and take advantage of these people who have disposable income, disposable time and disposable love and want to share all of them?

Two of my friends have given up on the organized churches and their myopic leaders. Even the churches, like the Vineyard, that at one time were on the cutting edge of recruiting lay men and women have shut Seasoned Believers out. No wonder they are in so much financial trouble.

I know of several bright, articulate teachers who are not allowed to share their gifts

at the churches they have supported for decades. What a tragedy.

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