Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun for Seasoned Believers

Last year my grand kids received another electronic, video gadget for Christmas. It was called, Wii and it is made by Nintendo. At first I was turned off by the thing. After a few games I quickly learned to love it. Now I strongly recommend that all your grand parents out there get one.

No, not just for the grand kids but also for you. It is a barrel of fun. It has several active games on it but my favorite is bowling. The game allows me to actually simulate a real bowling game and it becomes really competitive after a few minutes of action against my wife or grand kids.

Our five year old grand daughter is the champ at bowling. She does not take the game seriously but has an uncanny ability to throw strikes and beats all the rest of us while twirling, jumping and throwing fom behind her back. It is hilarious. A few times she has even rolled over while throwing the ball and gotten a strike.

I am 69 and Lily is 5 yet we both have a great time. I cannot name very many games where that is possible.
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