Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sons and Daughters Will Speak About God

Since the Jesus Movement, leaders dress differently!

The old paradigm was summarized like this in a former post.
1. The primary focus was on "religion" and "religions" that were tightly organized and controlled by a hierarchy, traditions and cultural agreements. The "Mainline Churches/Denominations" were large, dominant and the epitome of what people expected from God. (They were called "mainline" after the railroad of the same name that ran along Philadelphia's richest and most powerful neighborhoods.) Religion was divided between Jews and Christians and the Christians between Protestant and Catholic, ignoring less prominent groups.

Here is the new paradigm that is emerging

Because of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the entire world in buckets and barrels the prophesy of Joel has taken place big time. People all around the globe are being touched by God and responding in amazing ways to His Spirit.

Sons and daughters have started speaking forth God's word and acting out His works.

The division between clergy and laity has become blurred and many of the largest Christian movements, including churches, are not in the mainline of wealth but in the suburbs abd cities where the common person lives.

They are led by men and women whose careers did not pass through Bible Schools and Seminaries. Some were more acquainted with the requirements of an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) or Psychology than Divinity.

Even more importantly, the "People in the pew" are not staying in the pews. They have increasingly been empowered by both God and their inner convictions to preach, teach, evangelize, heal and serve. We have seen a Perestroika break out between the professional and the lay classes of Christians. The wall is down.

Over 90% of all religious conversions are the result of ministry by Peers instead of Pros. Believers at work and play, God's house and Golf Courses, have become centers of renewal, revival and reformation. Old men are dreaming dreams and telling about them to their friends. Young men are getting visions about a better planet and sharing their passion with family and friends. Money and power have lost their hold and Believers both young and old are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Thanks for listening to God, Joel.

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