Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prayer Meeting Coming Soon-Save the Date

Ever since I was a little boy I have been involved in various kinds of prayer. In fact, my very egalitarian view of the chruch was probably pressed into my heart at a very early age. It was as a child that I accompanied my Grand Mother Taylor, Mom Taylor to us, to very powerful Bible study, prayer and worship services led by lay people.

The name back then was not "Home Groups" or "Cell Groups" but "Cottage Prayer Meetings". I did not quite understand what the term "cottage" meant until later but it was the equilivent of "Home Meetings".

For those of you who have attended rather dull and uninspiring home meetings I wish you could have been with me in the Fifties. Those groups really rocked. We sang, jumped around to the music, clapped, tapped and some even shouted. (Mom Taylor was a Holiness Christian who believed in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and lots of ardor with just a bit of order.

These prayer meetings also had some intensive prayers going on. People dropped to their knees, wept and cried out to God for mercy and healing. At my Southern Baptist Church we practiced more order than ardor. Our prayers were cool and detached. I preferred the Holiness way of praying and singing.

I also learned to pray on a point until we were finished. The group would focus on a specific need and everyone could take his turn until the prayer was heard. Then the group moved on to another topic.

I re-learned that process, I now call it "Dialogue Prayer" in the Jesus Movement. I read a book by Roz Rinker on the topic and the memories of great, intensive and deep prayer filled me with excitement again.

O March 15 we will have a half day experiential workshop in dialogue prayer. I promise it will not be dull. I fully expect God to show Himself strongly in our midst. If God is distant in your life or you want a more active and fulfilling prayer life, this is for you.

Save the date!! March 15, 9:00 AM-12:30

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