Sunday, February 3, 2008

Senior Believers Can Change

One of the great myths about people like me is the notion that older people are rigid and cannot change. It is my experience that as we age we become more like what we have always been. Flexible people get more flexible and rigid folks grow in brittleness.

Here is why ministers and other reformers find rigid resistance to change in their churches. The Number I. Reason why old people rule churches with an iron hand is because it is rigid young people who have always ruled churches.

Let's fact it. Most churches are not innovative, no matter who is in charge. I often listen to the Stanford and Wharton pod casts on my iPod on innovation. Almost every modern company promotes innovation, creativity and change. If they do not, they will be left behind.

Microsoft is one of the largest and richest as well as one of the the most innovative companies in the world. Why? Because they spend millions of dollars every year to promote more innovation. But even more crucial is the fact that they work to promote innovation as a core value.
Is your church innovative? Does it promote change and new ideas? If it does, the seniors will be the most innovative group in your church. However, shallow, poorly planned and implemented ideas will also be criticized and rejected.

Because of our experience and wisdom we can often tell if something will work or not. If it is a good idea we will support it. If it is a bad idea we will challenge it. Either way we will be open about our ideas.
Seasoned Believers are wise and experienced Believers. Don't allow your mis understanding about rigidity and age fool you into thinking we will not change.

Seniors, what is your experience with innovation in a church?

Do you have a place to share your ideas?

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