Thursday, March 20, 2008

Abiding in Christ

One of my most important insights on hearing God speak came as I was preparing for our workshop. While reading John 14 it occurred to me that the first part where John says, "Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house are many resting rooms and I go to prepare a room for you."

In the hundred times I have heard this passage used as a text for preaching it is in a funeral. Thus, it is famous a s "Funeral Text". But I disagree. That passage is a foundation for living not one for dying.

If we read all of John 14 and 15 it become clear that Jesus is preparing us for the need to "dwell" in one of God's "resting rooms" as Believers in Jesus.

A following text reveals God's plan to enable us to dwell in God. Jesus says, "You will have the Counselor, the Holy Spirit to be with you and in you." This changes everything I do.

As a Pastor, Counselor and Coach I realize that the Counselor has more wisdom, insight and knowledge than I. I was taught in grad school that I was the expert who should be telling others what to do. This statement indicates how badly I was taught.

Now I expect that the Counselor in them and with us can give them guidance and wisdom greater than anything I could think or imagine. What a relief! God has given us both the same Counselor.

We must trust that the Counselor can and will speak. While meeting with a Pastor about training his elders, the term "Legacy" came to my mind. It was somewhat surprising that that term appeared in my thoughts because we were not discussing the future.

About thirty minutes later I said, "We need to remind the Elders that they are influencing the future of their children." He replied, "Legacy is very important to me. I speak on it regularly."

So, God brings things to mind regularly and often if we listen. In the midst of a conversation, while reading or writing the Counselor in me will speak gently, subtly and carefully, so learning to discern is important.

I am still getting notes from our Saturday participants who reveal visions, word's guidance and insights they received during our time together. Thanks for keeping me informed.

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