Monday, March 17, 2008

Dialogue Prayers

I taught a very brief workshop Saturday on "Dialogue Prayer". This is a process whereby Believers get together and discuss issues with each other and with God in faith that they can hear His voice. In the process we carry on a dialogue and do not get stuck in a monologue. This is not easy because we are much more used to monologues than dialogues.

It might be helpful to describe some different ways we can be involved in these times of "Dialogue Prayer". During the too brief workshop, we were in small groups of five to ten people. (Ten is a bit large.) We remembered that Jesus promised in John 14 to place the Holy Spirit with and in us. Thus, the Spirit is in our midst and within each person. When we gather it is easy to talk to God while we are talking to each other.

Usually someone shares a need and starts the prayer circle and everyone focuses on that person and need. During the dialogue we may become aware of as new idea, a passage of the Bible or a picture that fits the need. The idea or passage could be shared and the group may stop and analyze the idea. Here is an example.

One of the members needed a new job. We asked for wisdom and guidance from the Spirit. We paused and thanked the Lord for His concern. Then, one person saw a vision of a man and heard the name of a state so he shared it. The man looking for a new job said he was presently discussing a job with a person from that same state.

This gave us all a feeling of God's presence and concern for us. We then went on to other topics.
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