Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hearing God Stories

Marie Martin and I were praying together at the monthly healing service when a lady came forward and asked for prayer as she knelt. She explained that her cancer had gotten so bad that there was little medical hope for recovery.

Marie and I developed the habit of seeking God before we petitioned Him for healing. So, we asked for guidance and Marie asked the lady a question. "I have the impression that you and your husband are having conflict. Is that correct?"

"No. We are fine," she replied.

So, we bowed in seeking prayer again and for the second time Marie asked about her husband and her relationship. "No, we are fine," she said.

The third time it happened again and Marie said, "I cannot pray for you to be healed of cancer because I keep getting that there is a root of bitterness and anger." This time the lady screamed, "That no good SOB raped my daughters and I hate him."

Marie calmly said, "Well, we need to get that healed first before we pray for cancer." This is why we seek God before we speak to Him about acting.

Gary Sweeten


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