Saturday, October 20, 2007

Great Link

While reading Rick Warren's update I noticed he had a link to an article written by Pastor Pete Scarezzo, an author and wise leader on healthy relationships. I was surprised to see that Pete has not only written and talked lots about Generational Family issues he is also focusing on another issue that I think is critically important to God's heart: Working through the Walls of our hearts to reach a depth relationship with God.

The link to Pete is:

Pete is a great admirer of my latest spiritual hero, Janet Hagberg, a woman of wisdom and insight who wrote a book The Critical Journey with Robert Guelich ( Sheffield Publishing, 2005). I have found this book to contain great wisdom about the stages of spiritual growth and how "Hitting the wall" is a normal way that the Lord uses to move us deeper into wisdom and love.

It may be impossible for young people to lead Christian movements. They have usually not suffered enough to develop real wisdom and love. How many pits, problems and prisons does a Believer have to experience before he/she is ready to be an "Elder"?

Instead of pushing Seasoned Saints to bus rides to Branson and supper fellowship suppers with soft food these venerable saints need to have their wealth, wisdom and willing hearts unleashed in a blizzard of innovation, creativity and good deeds.

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