Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seasoned Believers Want---

Take a leap of faith and go for a Time of Refreshment!

The Willow Creek research in the book, Reveal, indicates that a high percentage of experienced, highly involved believers are quite dissatisfied with the level of equipping they are getting. One way to respond to that complaint is to preach deeper sermons and have classes on theology.

As an educator I would suggest something else. Perhaps in addition to preaching and teaching more Bible content, I would urge Pastors to take people deeper into a personal, experiential relationship with God. Preaching and teaching tend to rely almost solely upon stimulating the "Cognitive or Rational" centers of the brain. Although that is absolutely necessary, it is not sufficient.

Christians, especially Seasoned Saints, desperately need to encounter God in prayer, meditation, contemplation, worship and the word. Transformation comes best and most quickly when we "Touch the hem of His Garment" and that require more "Right Brain Encounters" to balance the Left Brain" emphasis of Western Christianity.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I’m “unseasoned” when it comes to blogging. I tried on your blogger thaig but couldn’t figure out how to post. I need a google blog account?? How do I do that? Waa. I feel old. Anyway, IF I could have figured out how to add a comment, it would have been this:

Thanks for Saturday, Gary. Here's 2 stanzas from a hymn by Fred Kaan that could apply to "us."

Send us, God of new beginnings,

Humbly hopeful into life.

Use us as a means of blessing,

Make us stronger, give us faith.

Give us faith to be more faithful,

Give us hope to be more true.

Give us love to go on learning.

God! Encourage and renew!

Ó 1989 Hope Publishing Co.