Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Great Time Was Had By All

People came from miles around to think about, pray and discuss the issues surrounding those of us who consider ourselves to be Seasoned Citizens or Seasoned Saints. We met from 9:00 AM til 3:00 PM at the Mill Conference Center at the Winton Woods Golf Course, a part of the Hamilton County Park System. (Photos will follow.)

In 1983 I heard the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit whisper I will pour out my Spirit on all people for a New Reformation. In the First Reformation I took my Word out of the hands of a few and gave it to all. In this Reformation I am taking my Works out of the hands of the few and giving it to all my people.

Since that day I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world and have experience first hand the fulfillment of that word. Over the past forty years since the Second Reformation began in the Sixties we have seen enormous changes in the spiritual climate and activities in the USA and the rest of the world. I tried to summarize the Top Ten Changes.

1. Spirit poured out on all Christians
– Massive revivals
– Many come to faith and then share His word to others

2. Knowledge of the Word for all
– God's people begin to devour the Scripture

3. Gifts for all
– God's people begin to do His works as well as know His word
– Practical ministries spring up all over the world

4. All are called to minister.
– Male and Female, Old and Young, Rich and Poor, Black, White and Brown all nationalities.
– The Revivals break down old enmities and draw people together

5. Millions of Activist Christians
– God's people grow up with Wisdom, Wealth and Willing Hearts and Minds

6. No Dualism
– God's people live spiritually all the time
– No separation of life in church, home, work and leisure

7. Longevity increases dramatically
– Family structure changes; multi generational families
– Experience of family life is different
– Disposable time, talents, energy and wealth is available

8. Travel, Communication increase
– Many laity are experienced in international affairs
– Christian radio, TV and papers increase knowledge

9. Tension between tradition and reality
– Never been here before
– Many people want new ways of knowing God and doing His works

10. Opportunity for an Awakening
– The major problems of life are spiritual


paula clare said...

Hi Gary! My husband and I had a wonderful time at the was worth the 5+ hour drive to get there! Besides receiving all kinds of cutting edge information, we were able to network with a fellow believer (whom we KNOW was divinely appointed to sit at our table!) who gave us encouragement, hope, and took us on a tour of the city! I do not believe it gets any better than that! We came home encouraged and inspired to "get to it" and accomplish the work, the calling, and the ministry(ies) God has given us. Thanks for the memories!

Gary Sweeten said...

Wow! I am so happy that the Lord placed you both at the right place with the right people. God is bringing together an international community of people ready, able and willing to step out and do what He says.

Sometimes it will be a big thing like establish a new ministry in Asia or Africa but mostly it will be working together with others behind the scenes to empower God's people to take small steps of faith and grace to touch people's lives in practical ways.

I can't wait to hear what He guides you to do next.

Michael W Cristiani said...


Guilt and remorse for not being there. Last minute change of plans. Please forgive.


I so wanted to meet you. Another time, perhaps.


Gary Sweeten said...

Michael, We missed you. It was a very exciting day but had you been with us with all your gifts, talents and insights could have made it even moredynamic.

You have so much to add to the mix that I am looking forward to being with you.

rontate said...


Saturday was a turning point in my life. I have had problems with the way the “church” has treated “Seasoned Believers” for some time and the closer I got to becoming one the more concerned I became. Like most, I, as a pastor, had no solution to that situation so we continued to look at “Senior’s Ministry” as two bus trips a month (one to an outlet mall and the other to Branson) and a monthly luncheon with an irrelevant message spoken by someone as bereft of vision as I was..

The tools and solutions we were given Saturday were precisely what I have been looking for. I have had several “Eureka” moments in my life but Saturday was one of the most profound moments I have experienced.

The expertise, talent and creativity of the six member group of which I was a part absolutely blew me away. When we began to make application of the resources we discovered, it was amazing all of the things we could accomplish. Then when the other groups began to share their resources, it was even more astounding.

I am convinced that the 50 or so people who attended the gathering could revolutionize the perception of the church toward “Seasoned Believers” as well as create new ministries and businesses that not only provide a new purpose in life but also financial income for those involved.

I have already shared this Biblical concept with some pastors I know and they have told me that it resonates in their spirit and want to know more.

This “Seasoned Believer” has re-fired and is reporting for duty.

You have made a difference in my life on many occasions but this is the most significant. Maybe because I am one of the “Seasoned” ones.

Ron Tate