Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Hath God Wrought!?

This was the comment by Alexander Graham Bell immediately after he discovered that the instrument he was tinkering with actually worked. They later called it the "Telephone" and Mr. Bell was stunned by the sovereignty of God in such an invention.

Is your church ready for a new breed of laity?

My response the idea that God is involved in bringing the Fourth Great Awakening to pass in our time begs for another question about what God has wrought. I had no idea when the Holy Spirit woke me up to observe what He is doing Seasoned Believers. The fact is over 50 million people have come to know and follow Christ over the past 40 or so years. The fact is, they have been forever changed by the mantra in every Bible believing church in America that, "All are called and all are gifted."

It is too late to preach"You haven't the education, credentials or right gender to use the gifts God bestowed on you."

It is too late to say, "We did not really mean it when we told you "God has given you His word so read it and act."

It is too late to say, "Just sit and listen to another 100 sermons by people of half your age and one third your experience."

We will not believe you when you write books telling us that "The Holy Spirit has stopped working in the world."

God is saying, "Unleash my people" and when God says it it will be done.

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